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Become a Local Hero and report Councillor Corruption

A Local Councillor is the hot seat after findings of his systematic fraud, corruption, blackmail, licensing, and planning irregulates along with a recently reported furlough fraud has been uncovered with a Local Hotel in Banff, Scotland. Investigations are now under way as private detectives delve into the councillor’s 30 years career for a new four-part TV documentary series.

The Local Councillor (who is not being named right now) is well known locally for his little brown envelopes of cash and his close-knit group of local associates, named ‘the Banff Mafia’. The councillor had operated for many years right under the nose of former First Minister Alex Salmond, who was the MSP for Banff. It seems to many that his behaviour is acceptable and even endorsed by colleagues and the hierarchy at Aberdeenshire Council.

Andrew Mellon, 55, former resident of Banff organised a community festival, Local Hero Festival, celebrating 40 years of the Film Local Hero in May 2023. Unknown to him, but by that not including the Councillor in his plans, it would cost him dearly, to the tune of £40,000. Mellon faced incredible challenges with most of the local community turning against him and Mellon picking up the festival losses personally which are close to being paid off.

Mellon had hired a documentary maker to make a feel-good documentary about the festival but quickly things turned much darker with information coming forward about the Councillor and others locally. The decision was taken to document everything on film. A former local Hotelier then came forward with claims of blackmail, corruption, and intimidation, in a filmed interview, was the lead Mellon needed to move things forward with his four-part documentary. This encouraged other locals to start coming forward with their own stories about the Councillor.

Along with the Documentary Mellon has also set up a website www.corruptcouncilors.co.uk for others across Britain to share similar experiences of those who we trust to look after our best interest, when they are lining their own pockets. Mellon is keen to see how bad the corruption with Local Councillors is across the UK and hope others across the UK will share their experiences.

The Corrupt Councillor Campaign launches on the 31st October across social media and ongoing investigations along with filming is expected last for the next two Months. Mellon team expects to make some 100 Freedom of Information Requests and has a team of private investigators and researchers who are working on the documentary. Mellon plans to present his findings to the appropriate authorities for possible prosecution.

Mellon said “Enough is enough, people are too scared to speak out, but as I am in position to do something about it, it’s happening, let’s see how many corrupt councillors we have to name and shame in the UK”.

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