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Calling All Businesses! Add Your Special Offer To The Local Heroes Business Directory.

Add your business to the Local Heroes Business Directory

Dear business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations and anyone with a skill or service to sell… We are creating a Local Heroes Business Directory that works in conjunction with the Local Hero Festival.

Create A Special Offer And Promote It To All Festival Visitors

Visitors with wristbands will be eligible for the special offer, discount or freebie that you specify. We will promote your business and special offer via a dedicated page on our website and all our social media channels between now and the end of the festival (May 27th).

The cost of each listing is £10. You can upload your details and branding via this simple form and your special offer will feature on the directory for all to see. All listings are subject to approval and our standard terms and conditions of trade. This is a great way to show your support for the Local Hero Festival and our community at large! We are also hoping to create a sticker or poster you can put in your window to help attract festival-goers and indicate you’re part of the Local Heroes Festival promotion.

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