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Who Remembers The Local Hero Production In 1993? Call Out For Memorabilia & Stories!

The Demand For Details About The Local Hero Film Is Higher Than Ever

It may be 40 years on since Local Hero was filmed here on our very own shores but interest in the cult movie has never been higher. The demand for memorabilia, stories and anecdotes is never ending despite relatively little being known about what happened behind the scenes.

Rachel Kennedy, the Local Hero Festival Curator, is the proud owner of this rare book called ‘Local Hero, The Making Of The Film’ which was co-authored by Allan Hunter and Mark Astaire.

Local Hero Film Memorabilia Book

Film Extras

Rachel also shared some great photos of film cast and extras. Do you recognise anyone in these pictures? Let us know… Email: rachel@localherofilmfestival.com

Do you have any Local Hero memorabilia you could share with us or may be even loan for the festival exhibition? Perhaps you have a story or anecdote about the filming or what went on behind the scenes you could tell us? Where you an extra? Could we interview you?!

Remember, this is OUR Local Hero Festival. It’s for the community and by the community. Please get in touch today! Email: rachel@localherofestival.com

Local Hero Film Extras

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