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Local Hero Farmers & Makers Market Off To A Flying Start

Say hello to our Communities Director, the wonderful Kay Thomson!

She may have only been part of the Local Hero Festival team for 12 hours, but Kay Thomson really went to work today with the the task of getting local organisations onboard for the Local Hero Farmers & Makers Market (Saturday 27th May)… and boy, did she hit the ground running!

Kay, pictured above with Chief Event Organiser, Andrew Mellon, wasted no time getting to work and we report she had signed up over 30 businesses by close of play!

To give you an idea of the quality of businesses committed here is a sneak preview of some of those now involved and displaying on the day;

• Rohill Springs Distillery
• Costal Pizza
• Dale Kordas (Artist)
• Barrells & Botanicals of Turriff
• Great Glen Distillery
• The Gladstone Bakery
• Art Felt By Shona
• Col’s Baking Kits
• Mill Candles Company
• Stace Makes Clothing
• The Culinary Kiwi Bird Sourdough Bakes
• Rebel Yells Kids Clothing
• Paula McAllister Household Gifts
• Withces Kitchen Jams & Chutney

Welcome aboard everyone!

We’ll be announcing more business that will be involved soon so stay tuned!

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