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Anything out of the ordinary, you telephone me. Night or day.

“…And I Would Drive 999 Miles And I Would Drive 999 More....”

Here is the first of our custom built telephone boxes from Create‘N’Cut in Leicestershire. They built our first telephone box with just 18 hours notice!

Andrew hired a transit van to collect it and drove 999 miles there and back! (Not joking… scroll down to see the receipt)! The finished thing wasn’t so easy to move as our logistics team found out this afternoon when moving it into Local Hero HQ.

We had a suggestion today that the Telephone Box in the Exhibition could be used for people to make a video message about their Local Hero Experience. Great idea! Keep them coming!

• A huge thank you to Paul and Delia, our Prop Partners at Create‘N’Cut
• Photos by Annie Rees Photography

999 Miles

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